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Based out of Orlando, Florida "Clint & Laila" is an acoustic duo, featuring fiery, melodic guitar, soulful vocals and a serious dose of blues harmonica! Add sincere lyrics drawn from real life experiences and you have the music that resonates so deeply with Clint & Laila's fans!

Clint, a native of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and a lifetime musician is always striving to express himself to the highest degree on the guitar. "After all, that's what it's all about isn't it?", Clint relates. "Music effects people at the deepest levels and I want to make sure they feel every note that I play!"

Laila, a native of Ornes, Norway, belongs to a small group of female blues harmonica players not just in the US, but in the world! It's always interesting to see people's reactions when she starts whaling away on the harmonica!

Clint Stewart - Guitar & Vocals

Laila Johnson - Vocals & Blues Harp

Continually forging their unique sound, Clint & Laila perform regularly in the Central Florida area, as well as internationally, having completed successful tours of Norway in July of 2010 and July & August of 2012.

In addition to performing live, Clint & Laila have been very busy as of late capturing their unique acoustic sound in the studio and are releasing a series of new original songs in the form of singles. Their first single, The One You Are, features an infectious groove, heartfelt vocals and inspirational lyrics. The song landed them a spot on Real Radio 104.1's "SBK Live" show in Orlando where they performed The One You Are and their second release, blues boogie rocker, Take It Easy On Me Baby, live on the air!

As well as landing them the spot on SBK Live, exerpts from The One You Are have been choosen to be included in a new documentary film entitled Pui Chan - Kung Fu Pioneer. A movie about Grand Master P. Chan who escaped from Communist China to become one of the pioneers who brought Kung Fu to the USA.

Since the inital release of The One You Are, Clint & Laila have released 3 more singles as well as a 5 song EP (currently available only at live shows) featuring the 4 previously released songs as well as the previously unreleased Make It Forever. The EP, entitled Back To The Roots - The Singles, was put together to coincide with their 2012 Norway tour.

Clint & Laila have also been receiving regular aiplay and interview support in the North of Norway from Disc Jockey Jan-Eirik Jacobsen at the radio station "Narkanalen".

"Through our music we would love to reach as many souls as possible with a message of life, love, hope and healing! These are things we all do and things we all need!"

~ Clint & Laila

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